Feast with a twinkle: decoration of the fireplace for the New Year and Christmas

The focal point of holiday customs becomes fireplace decorating as the holiday season draws near. The heart of warm gatherings and happy times spent with loved ones is frequently the fireplace, whether you’re celebrating Christmas, New Year’s, or another festive occasion.

The festive atmosphere in your house can be improved by enhancing the fireplace décor with a dash of warmth and sparkle. You can add an abundance of seasonal charm to your fireplace by arranging ornaments and stockings in unique ways, or by using classic garlands and sparkling lights.

Combining festive themes with one’s own style is key to selecting the perfect decorations. Your fireplace can express your own holiday style, whether you like a traditional look with evergreen branches and red ribbons or a contemporary twist with metallic accents and LED lights.

The fireplace is a great place to express holiday cheer and make enduring memories because it also serves as a focal point for family get-togethers and seasonal photo opportunities.

Make your fireplace a festive focal point by following our tips for Christmas and New Year’s decorating. Learn how to decorate your fireplace with festive accents, garlands, and twinkling lights to create a cozy and festive atmosphere. This article will assist you in creating a warm and inviting atmosphere that will elevate your celebrations, regardless of your preference for classic elegance or contemporary flair. Learn how to turn your fireplace into a feature that wows guests and gives your house a magical touch for the holidays, from setting up mantel displays to selecting the perfect ornaments.

Red-green spruce classic

Christmas décor for a fireplace that takes the shape of a branch garland entwined with fire-red balls, bows, ribbons, and other decorations is a very unoriginal idea. What’s the difference, though? It looks stunning.

Furthermore, any sizable retail center sells a fireplace-themed Christmas decoration that is comparable. All you need to do is arrange the garland exquisitely on the fireplace shelf, and you’ll be good to go. Make sure to create two hanging "tails" on the sides at the same time; they should frame the fireplace to roughly the midpoint of its height.

Refuse to accept fake spruce garlands? Next, use your own hands to create a decoration for the fireplace. All you need is a lot of spruce paws, a sturdy cord (plastic ties work best), thick cotton gloves to prevent hand soaking, and as many red Christmas toys as you can. It’s really that simple.

Next, start knitting a spruce decoration for the fireplace by dividing the spruce paws into individual twigs:

  • The base of each branch is cleaned from the needles by 5-10 cm;
  • Make a “bouquet” from three twigs and tie their bases together;
  • Select the next branch by ¼ of the length of the “bouquet” and tie it to it;
  • In the same place, fasten two more branches;
  • Make sure that the branches look in different directions;
  • Continue in the same way until you get a garland of the desired length;
  • The resulting New Year"s decoration for a fireplace from a Christmas tree decorate the balls.

If all goes according to plan, the garland should be fairly sturdy but somewhat rigid. As a result, decorations made of spruce branches for a fireplace don’t need to hang from the waves; they can simply be placed on the fireplace shelf. In this instance, the ribbons can be fastened to the sides so that they hang downward.

However, keep in mind that the jewelry hanging from the spruce to the fireplace can tarnish the nearby resin finish and the fireplace furnace in addition to filling the room with the coniferous aroma of the holiday. Try to arrange the garland such that it does not come into contact with the finish. Additionally, place white cigarette paper underneath the fireplace shelf if it is made of wood or another material that will be difficult to clean of resin.

Not only a single spruce

A fireplace’s gear decoration isn’t limited to spruce. Any plant’s green branches will do.

Thus, the fireplace in the picture below was decorated for the New Year using ivy branches. In addition, it is far more unique, appears just as festive as spruce branches, and retains its resinous spots.

Spruce branches don’t look as good as pine branches because pine branches are thicker, more beautiful, and retain their freshness for longer. However, working with pine is more challenging and it has a sinister quality.

By the way, you can play with the differences in size between pine and spruce branches if you weave a combined fireplace decoration from them, like in the picture below.

NG Ostan (Padub) fireplace decoration of exceptional quality. With its strikingly red berries and lush, curly, saturated green leaves, this plant is highly ornamental. The image beautifully captures how lovely Padub’s fireplace decoration for the New Year looks:

Furthermore, thecalist keeps its appearance for a very long time; even after drying completely, its berries and leaves only slightly lose their brightness. You can therefore use the same fireplace decoration for Christmas for many years if the garland is well-made and stored.

It’s actually not even necessary to bind Padub leaves to the garland because of their decorative nature. All you have to do is place them on the fireplace shelf.

For garlands, Southerners can use juniper, thuja, and cypress branches, among other evergreen trees. The following picture shows an example of a Christmas fireplace decoration of this kind:

If you choose simple and appropriate herbs, the garland will be thick and stunning.

Additionally, those who would rather stay up to date with fashion can create a DIY New Year’s fireplace decoration using stylish stabilized moss, similar to the one shown in the picture:

Christmas socks, stockings and boots

The custom of adorning a fireplace with ornamental boots and socks entered our homes through television screens. It is not surprising that this custom was quickly taken up by people all over the world as such a décor can be seen in almost every American Christmas film.

Furthermore, if there are kids in the home, the issue extends beyond public relations and includes atmospheric decoration. Why are these boots removed so solemnly from the fireplace the morning after New Year’s Eve, and why are the mountains of different candies shaken out of them? At that moment, every child feels like a real millionaire!

Above all, remember to sign each boot in order to prevent disputes. For instance, sew initials or affix a name tag to it.

Let’s get down to business: how to attach jewelry to a fireplace. Socks are already hung on one end of the fireplace shelf, and special hooks are needed for this. Alternatively, it could be ornamental figures, which have tiny hooks on one side.

However, you can easily make your own finished mounts to hang jewelry on a fireplace instead of having to purchase them.

Simply take a board and cut its width and length so that they are marginally less than the dimensions of the fireplace shelf. The board should have a thin thickness to avoid detracting from the overall design. After that, screw short hooks and sealers into the board so that you can consistently hook socks and be sure they won’t fall off. Self-tapping screws should be firmly embedded in the board; however, they must not penetrate it, as this could cause the metal tip to scrape the fireplace shelf. To make hanging the boots convenient, determine the spacing between the screws.

The idea is the same whether you use regular hooks for a hanger in place of hooks.

The boots are hung further on the hooks, and to conceal the board, a girlynda decoration made of any material is placed over the fireplace on the shelf. The crucial aspect is that the board is sufficiently thick despite being thin; not only should it be able to support Christmas socks full of candy, but it should also be resilient enough to hold up if the child’s boot tries to tighten it.

It is best to use a bilateral tape to secure the board and unique fasteners-tricks to the fireplace shelf if there are small children living there.

Christmas wreath

A traditional Christmas and New Year’s wall decoration over the fireplace is a wreath. It serves to cover a space that is left above the fireplace shelf.

Usually composed of identical spruce branches, it can be made of any greens, just like a garland. For instance, oak and bay leaves

Only toys for Christmas trees:

Even the glossy paper sheets that were rolled into a tube:

Your imagination and reasonably priced materials are the only limitations. That being said, flexible rods work best for making the wreath frame. The willow vine is a good fit for this.

All you have to do to create such a frame is wind one or two dozen vines around a circular object. Take buckets, for instance. The foundation is now ready; just tie them every 10 cm with a sturdy cord. The only thing that can be used to make a wreath without a frame is spruce branches, but even the master will find this challenging.

What is put on a fireplace for decoration

Candlesticks are the customary ornamental accent on the fireplace shelf. Furthermore, these could be candlesticks from various sets in addition to sets of old-fashioned or antiquated candelabras. The most important thing is that the designs are similar; you can use ultramodern minimalist stainless steel cubes in place of traditional baroque candlesticks.

Large candlesticks will ensure that the rest of the decorations do not overshadow them if the home’s fireplace has been beautifully decorated for the New Year.

The custom of adorning the fireplace with various themed figures for the New Year includes miniature Christmas trees, Christmas characters, snowflakes, and snowy houses. Speaking of snow, a good way to create a festive atmosphere is to imitate it. You can make artificial snow at home using cotton wool and other similar materials, or you can purchase it in a supermarket in the form of a spray can.

Naturally, don’t overlook the garlands. Everything appears truly magical when the entire New Year’s beauty you created is magnificent and brilliantly accentuated by garlands.

How to make a jewelry on a false fireplace

The decorating options for the artificial fireplace you created especially for the New Year are nearly identical to those for a genuine hearth. There is one distinction: in addition to the fireplace shelf, the "furnace" also needs to be arranged.

You could use firewood, for instance, for this:

However, you can simply fill the resulting niche with presents or theme décor.

Even so, any false stone decoration for the New Year that mimics fire will surely triumph over any other figures.

Theme Decoration of the fireplace for New Year and Christmas
Main Elements Garlands, stockings, wreaths, candles, ornaments
Color Scheme Traditional red, green, gold, silver; or modern white, blue, silver
Materials Fabric, wood, metal, glass
Lighting Warm white fairy lights, LED candles

Your home will feel cozier and more charming during the holidays and New Year’s when your fireplace is decorated for the occasion. The fireplace becomes the focal point of holiday gatherings, regardless of your preference for a more modern look with glittering lights and ornaments or a more traditional one with greenery and candles.

For a timeless style that brings the spirit of winter indoors, think about incorporating natural elements like berries, holly, and pine cones. In addition to conjuring up memories of the past, these components also produce a warm ambiance that beckons loved ones to congregate by the fireplace.

Intertwine fairy lights or LED string lights along the mantle or around the fireplace to add a magical touch. Perfect for sipping hot chocolate by the fireplace or exchanging gifts on Christmas Eve, the soft glow of lights can turn the area into a whimsical winter wonderland.

Add priceless ornaments or stockings that capture the distinct aesthetic and customs of your family to personalize the look of your fireplace. These unique additions transform the fireplace from a decorative piece into a representation of fond holiday memories, whether they are handcrafted stockings handed down through the generations or oddball ornaments with a backstory.

Recall that holiday fireplace decorating is about more than just aesthetics; it’s also about fostering a warm environment that honors the happiness and coziness of the occasion. Let your fireplace be a source of warmth and joy during this joyous season, regardless of how or how elaborately you choose to decorate it.

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