Technonikol: a full review of the company”s products + classification and features of its use

A major force in the roofing materials market, Technonikol is renowned for producing a broad selection of excellent products that can be tailored to suit a variety of construction requirements. Technonikol provides a wide range of products, from waterproof membranes and roofing shingles to insulation materials, for both small and large commercial projects.

Technonikol’s products are notable for their exceptional versatility. Technonikol offers solutions that meet a variety of needs, whether you’re searching for eco-friendly options that emphasize sustainability or strong materials that can withstand harsh weather conditions. Because of their products’ adaptability, they can be used in a variety of settings and are guaranteed to last.

The product line of Technonikol can be divided into numerous major categories, each of which fulfills a distinct purpose in the building industry. Their insulating materials offer vital thermal protection, which lowers energy consumption and helps control indoor temperature. Strong defense against water intrusion is provided by waterproof membranes, which are essential for preserving structural integrity and averting damage over time.

Technonikol’s roofing shingles are made with performance, durability, and aesthetic appeal in mind. These shingles, which come in a variety of designs and hues, improve a building’s aesthetic appeal and offer dependable weather protection. Technonikol is a popular option for architects, builders, and homeowners due to its blend of aesthetic customization and practicality.

The intended uses and benefits of Technonikol products must be understood before making a decision. Technonikol provides solutions that improve sustainability and performance whether you’re building a new structure from scratch or remodeling an old one. Their dedication to excellence and innovation guarantees that each product satisfies strict requirements, offering the highest level of dependability and comfort.

Technonikol Products Classification and Features of Use
Roofing Materials Includes bitumen shingles and membranes. Suitable for residential and commercial roofs. Provides waterproofing and thermal insulation.
Waterproofing Systems Used in construction for basements, foundations, and roofs. Prevents water ingress, ensuring structural integrity and durability.

Waterproofing: for private and industrial construction

Therefore, the majority of builders in our nation are well-versed in the technological waterproofing found in these products:

Durable lining carpets

Additionally, Technonikol’s small carpets are highly well-known. They enable you to prolong the pitched roof’s service life by up to 60 years and to protect it with consistency.

We are discussing goods like Profplus and Anderep Plus:

These lining carpets are made using mechanical fastening, which takes the shape of thin, specialized adhesive strips. Simply take off the protective tape, press the edge to the edge, directly marking the location of the small overlap, to join the carpet canvases. Working with this material is convenient, although some excess is left behind.

The technoinol lining carpets have a very thin, highly adhesive strip that prevents moisture infiltration despite its thinness. It is not required to remove the protective film from the adhesive strip because the stripes are slightly off the edge.

With an adhesive strip like this, you can avoid buying extra sealants or mastic because its qualities hold up even at -15 °C. The Plus series, which features a protective layer made of tone-black polypropylene, is already the next generation. This allows for the temporary six-month use of such a carpet as a roof!

Insulating films and temporary roof

A film with a vapor barrier and waterproofing properties is the next set of insulating materials. The vapor barrier shields the insulation from water vapor by being installed inside the roof:

When it comes to the outside of the roof, waterproofing acts as a protective layer of insulation:

By the way, a temporary roof is frequently confused with waterproofing. Actually, it provides excellent weather protection for the recently installed insulation for a maximum of six months, solely during the construction phase:

Another kind of waterproofing is known as cutting off. It is intended to safeguard the roof in intricate locations like Mauerlat as well as those roof and wall areas where temporary repairs are being made:

Bitumen tape Nicoband

Technonikol products on their own: Nicoband bitumen ribbons. Their universality greatly delights both home masters and professional builders.

Now, ten to fifteen minutes will do for a straightforward manipulation, whereas before I would have to drag a bucket filled with hot mastic upstairs and engage in one of the most enjoyable tasks to seal the crack in the roof. In order to glue the tape to a damaged area, it is first cut to the required size and heated as needed.

They simply roll out a roller after that. You can get by without a hair dryer in this situation, but bitumen works better for adhesion. Skilled builders soon realized this, and even though the manufacturer does not require it, they do not hesitate to take further precautions.

What’s the deal with a tape like that? It consists of a modified bitumen layer, a strong and flexible base, and an ultraviolet-ray-blocking coating. This kind of tape works well on practically any surface type:

These ribbons fix windows, drains, roofs, complicated leaks, and practically any kind of roofing. And this is all happening in the rain! How adaptable are they?

About five suppliers in Russia are selling comparable tapes that are also of high quality, but Nicoband is in the lead because the company is trustworthy.

"Breathing" waterproofing for the roof

We’ll also discuss novelties like waterproofing Uniflex. Bloating of the roofing carpet as a result of moisture buildup inside the entire structure is one of the most prevalent issues with roofs in a climate like Russian.

First, the roof develops microcracks into which liquid seeps. From there, the liquid enters the insulation and cannot escape. In turn, the insulation quickly loses its most crucial characteristics.

Technonikol’s inventors have discovered a solution to this issue: fix the roof to enable independent removal of moisture from the interior space. These are the Uniflex-Vent series’ materials. The lower layer "breathes" as it is used to repair the roof in two layers.

This technology allows for roof repairs without requiring the removal of the previous coating. This saves money and strength. All that needs to be done is puncture the previous layer. Uniflex offered water resistance, heat resistance, and durability at the same time.

Thermal insulation: based on mineral wool and polystyrene foam

The remarkable material service life is the first thing they learn about thermal insulation from Technonikol. The most widely used glass wool is affordable, versatile, and over. They are already familiar with technoactics and the technology complex in smaller circles.

Technoleite slabs of mineral wool are in high demand on the home market. Their secret to quality is in the basalt used to produce their techno-nicob. Low thermal conductivity is the first. In this case, 3,000 clay brick pieces are compared to 1 m 3 of its properties.

Technolite mineral slabs are also excellent at insulating against sound and absorbing it. They are resistant to fire and can withstand mechanical and chemical damage, particularly the racks. Environmentally friendly, long-lasting, and regarded as among the greatest for residential attic layout and wall and partition insulation:

Additionally, a lot of people are aware of Rochelite insulation, but not everyone is aware that these are Technonikol goods:

As we’ve already mentioned, using the Master series products only requires five simple steps. Because there are no issues during installation or operation, this is the exact reason why insulation from the technological annoyance is appreciated:

In addition to specialized insulation, Technonikol creates whole systems with meticulous attention to detail:

Sealants, foam and additives from technology

Just in 2016, the technicon of the start released the techno-nibble; as of right now, it generates 40 fenx spaces every minute. They can resolve any construction issue with their pen, sealants, and adhesive because of the technological nitrate release:

Technonikol has made it clear time and time again that their foam has a unique formula, which gives it superior quality and new, valuable properties.

Glue is a different kind of this kind of foam. The facade tiles are adhered to using this one-component polyurethane glue. does not deteriorate, does not grow mold, and it clings to the tree. Is not afraid of moisture at the same time.

Technonikol, however, created a whole line of complementary products for the sealing of walls and facades:

Materials for the flat and pitched roof of Technonikol

Technonikol only released a variety of coatings and extras for pitched and flat roofs. You can go to a store with a project selected from the pages of a construction journal, and everything will be chosen! Particularly appealing is the variety of roofing, which includes numerous episodes, color schemes, and implementation ideas.

Flexible tiles shinglas

For instance, Technonikol’s Shinglass tiles are highly well-known both domestically and internationally. Initially, the manufacturer’s goal was to develop a coating that could be applied to any complex roof configuration.

Furthermore, this tile has the richest color scheme of any on the Russian market:

Take note that the Techno-nicolus’sflexibletile releases an odd. The tile itself can have one, two, or even three layers because there are numerous collections and an abundance of design options.

This enables you to realize architectural endeavors worthy of being featured on the covers of upscale construction journals and to give the roof a sense of volume.

Composite tile Luxard

The Luxard composite tile is another intriguing Technonikol innovation. It is well-known for using a real stone for the baby:

There are additional sturdy and dependable materials for a flat roof that are sufficient for its completion and waterproofing:

Rolled swimming roof

The Techno-nicob Rolled Roof is a different accomplishment. Working with fire and at altitudes is hazardous and difficult.

You have undoubtedly heard about the length of time and difficulties involved in fixing the roofs of urban high-rise buildings, where defects like bubbles and detachments are a constant. As a result, not everyone wants to install one of these roofs on their own home.

Technonikol is working on a solution for this issue. Working with such rolls is significantly simpler because of their obvious fire-induced pattern deformation, which indicates when the roll will be sufficiently heated, and their consistently dense and even seam.

If you’ve always wanted to cover the garage roof with something like that, go ahead and do it with confidence; everything will work out! Furthermore, Technonikol is currently utilizing its products for such intricate projects as the Voronezh supermarket’s real parking device or the water park roof during the Lower New Year.

Contabbed elements for roofs

Technonol is always striving to enhance the caliber and adaptability of other roofing components. Its most recent accomplishment is the PVC Aerator.

This component is utilized for flat roof reorganization. It eliminates water vapors that seep through the roof’s waterproof coating. As a result, the roofing lasts considerably longer because it is shielded from bursting and bloating.

Technonikol oversaw the new modification of this type of aerator, altering both its form and chemical makeup. The operational qualities have improved, the element itself has grown more robust, and the cap is now fixed more firmly and is not broken by wind. Additionally, the aerator is now higher, and in the spring, water no longer enters it. important adjustments

Construction mixtures: glue, primers and plaster

Powders used for various construction applications react chemically with water to form dry mixtures. Expert builders understand that selecting the appropriate mixture is just as crucial as using the same finishing material.

Additionally, this company’s mixtures are prized for their premium modifying additives, which make their application easy and sensible:

Drainage systems: additional elements and drains

Take note that the well-liked show "Country answer" frequently uses construction materials from Technonikol.

This is not shocking, as the organization develops technological innovations for novel tasks in addition to focusing on the pre-reflective systems’ versatility and quality:

A major participant in the roofing materials market, TechnoNIKOL provides a wide array of goods suited to different construction requirements. They have a wide range of bitumen membranes, insulating materials, and liquid waterproofing solutions in their product lineup. Every product is made with an emphasis on quality and longevity, guaranteeing dependable operation in a variety of climates and architectural contexts.

TechnoNIKOL products are notable for their exceptional versatility. TechnoNIKOL provides solutions that satisfy project requirements whether you’re building an industrial facility, a commercial building, or a residential roof. For instance, their bitumen membranes are available in a variety of thicknesses and compositions to suit varying degrees of mechanical stress and environmental conditions, offering flexibility to both contractors and architects.

The dedication of TechnoNIKOL to sustainability and innovation is another important asset. To improve the longevity and performance of their products, they integrate cutting-edge technologies into their manufacturing processes. Furthermore, a lot of their products are made using environmentally friendly materials and production techniques, which is in line with the growing trend of sustainable building methods throughout the world.

The products from TechnoNIKOL are a reliable option for developers and builders looking for performance and dependability. Since quality control is prioritized at every stage of the manufacturing process, these products have a long history of reliable performance. Because of their dependability, they are the best choice for projects where structural integrity and long-term protection are crucial.

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