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Making educated decisions regarding roofing requires an understanding of material specifications. One prominent alternative in the roofing sector is the Bicrost CCP, which is unique in its features and uses.

The purpose of Bicrost CCP is to offer strong, weather-resistant roofing solutions. Constructed from premium materials, it provides a balance of durability and adaptability, making it perfect for a range of climates and architectural designs. Due to its reputation for dependability and durability, this roofing material is well-liked by both professionals and homeowners.

The simplicity of installation of Bicrost CCP is one of its main advantages. The simple installation procedure can save time and labor costs whether you’re building a new roof or replacing an old one. This makes it a cost-effective option for roofing projects, guaranteeing little disturbance and producing top-notch outcomes.

Bicrost CCP is renowned for having a pleasing appearance as well. It enables homeowners to personalize their roofs to match the overall style of their homes because it comes in a variety of colors and finishes. Because of its adaptability, Bicrost CCP is both a stylish and practical option.

Specification Description
Material Bicrost CCP (Copper-Clad Polyimide)


The Corporation of Technonikol produces Bicrost, a dependable waterproof material.

"Economy" waterproofing roofing material has a ten-year lifespan.

According to the CCP label, modified bitumen is used as the impregnation agent, and polymer fabric serves as the basis. Plastic film is used to protect both surfaces. The lower plastic film and the upper surface may be protected with a dusty sprinkle. The material can only be used as a lining layer because there isn’t a stone baby; another layer must be placed on top of it with a dusting of stone crumbs.

CCP BIROST (no crumbs)

Stone Baby greatly improves the functionality of the roof and alerts to the deep penetration of UV rays into bitumen. The truth is that all cutting-edge additives can only lessen the harmful effects of UV radiation; they cannot entirely eliminate them. Because the stone does not overlook them, the inner layers are considerably more protected.

The technical attributes of BIROST CCP

Technical parameter Meaning and brief description
Weight A square meter weight of not more than 3 kg/m2. A small mass makes it possible to ignore the loads from its use during the calculation of the rafter system.
The maximum withstanding stretching force before the start of linear dimensions In all directions, the coating withstands the same load of 600 N. There are fabrics that have various indicators of rupture in perpendicular directions, depending on the number and thickness of the thread.
Heat resistance BIROST CCP is allowed to operate at temperatures up to +80 ° C. If it is exceeded, then modified bitumen is critically softened, walking on a heated roof is not recommended.
Fragility temperature of modified bitumen Bitumen loses elasticity at a temperature of ≤ -15
° C.
Bitumen weight On each square meter there is at least 1.5 kg of substance. Such parameters explain the total weight of a square meter of waterproofing.
Mass of bitumen from the part According to the technical conditions developed by the enterprise, the mass cannot be less than 1.5 kg/m2, the mass of the base is ≥200 g/m2.
Flexibility Tests are carried out by the manufacturer. At a temperature of 0 ° C during the bend bend of the Ø 25 ± 2 mm on the front side, cracks visible to the naked eye cannot appear on the front side.
Water absorption With direct contact with water during the day, the weight of the bicrost CCA increases by no more than 1%.
Water resistance At a water pressure of 0.2 p. Bicro CCP has complete water resistance for more than two hours. Indicators guarantee proper tightness of the roof for the entire period of operation – in practice there are no situations when water affects this pressure for a long period of time.
Durability Subject to the recommended styling technologies and operating conditions, the guaranteed service life is 10 years. Tests were carried out according to the manufacturer.
Protective coatings On both sides is covered with a film that prevents spontaneous gluing of the roll during storage. On the front side, the use of dusty sprinkling is allowed. Before laying, the film should be removed.
Dimensions Rolls width 100–117 ± 3 cm, length 7.5–10 ± 0.2 m. Specific values ​​depend on the type of material.

BIROST CCI satisfies all state regulatory requirements as well as the technical requirements of the manufacturer.

Requirements for the appearance of the rolls of the bikost

The TU outlines the requirements; it is advised to visually inspect the goods prior to purchase. What should I focus on?

  1. Both waterproofing surfaces cannot have cracks. A protective film is glued on one or both. The material in the roll should be tightly torn, not to creep, without air pockets.
  2. According to TU, a small amount of protrusions of not more than 20 mm at the ends is allowed. The number of rolls from pieces in the party cannot exceed 5%. Moreover, the length of a smaller segment of at least three meters. The number of segments in one roll is not more than two.
  3. Modified bitumen on both sides, the layer even, passes are strictly prohibited.
  4. If the front surface has a coarse -grained sprinkle, then one edge of the front side along the canvas should have an unprecedented strip with a size of 85 ± 15 mm. It is necessarily closed with a film that is removed before laying the second row of material.

Bicrost CCP News

While GOST 2551 paragraphs must be followed when selecting materials for BIROST CCI packaging, alternative materials may be used under the company’s technical requirements as long as those materials guarantee the materials’ total safety throughout transit.

GOST 2551-75. national norm. Materials Roll-on waterproofing and roofing Obtain GOST right now.

Fire safety

The BIROST CCP is classified as belonging to the G4 combustibility group, the B3 ignorance group, and the RP4 flame distribution group of the flame in the firefighting classification. Only oil bitumen coatings combined with specific fillers are permitted to be used in the manufacturing of the bikrost. The non-combustible elements consist of fiberglass or polyester sheet, as well as a variety of sporting materials. Oil bitumen materials self-combust at temperatures above 300 °C and have a flash temperature of ≥ +240 °.

Prices for bitumen-polymer roller materials

Bicrost CCP

"Bicrost CCP, a company renowned for its creative roofing solutions, distinguishes itself in the market with special requirements designed to maximize energy efficiency and durability. Bicrost CCP provides roofs that not only withstand severe weather but also help homeowners save energy by fusing cutting-edge design and advanced materials. This article examines how the specifications of Bicrost CCP improve a roof’s resilience and environmental friendliness, making it a wise choice for contemporary housing solutions."

Safety for humans

Laboratory specialists check the working zones while considering national guidelines and current practices. Every substance is categorized according to its level of hazard, and the highest concentration that is allowed is strictly regulated.

Talc and a light dusting

Environmental safety

The Russian Federation’s government has recently passed several laws intended to preserve the environment. Production, whose technological process yields hazardous materials, receives special attention. Chemical industry enterprises manufacture CCI BIROST, and GOST 12. standards.1.005 and GOST serve as the foundation for substance emission control.

GOST Guidelines for determining the amount of pollutants that industrial businesses are allowed to emit. Free full text GOST

Control is organized based on the number of employees who have received specialized training in order to prevent an excess of hazardous materials being released into the atmosphere. In addition to the required ventilation, local sucks are also placed over the locations where bulk materials are loaded and unloaded from the workshops. Special gas-related industrial installations are installed to account for all potential emissions.

Technical requirements of the acceptance process

The GOST 26627 coatings acceptance algorithm is registered, and tests for heat resistance, water permeability, and fragility ought to be carried out every six months. The party cannot be larger than 3200 rolls, and each batch has a package of related paperwork.

The passport specifies:

  • trademark and full name of the manufacturer;
  • release date, product name, symbol of waterproofing;
  • the number and size of rolls, documented laboratory tests;
  • Certificate of compliance with the requirements.

What is the difference between fiberglass, fiberglass and polyester fiber

All contemporary roofing roll waterproofing materials are made using these fundamentals. They are employed not just in the installation of roofing but also in the waterproofing of wooden components, foundations, and other architectural structures against the damaging effects of moisture. What is the primary distinction between them and how does it impact the functional attributes?

    Glassholst. Non -woven fiber, made by dumping fiberglass. The base is indicated by the letter X at the beginning of the label labeled label. The glasshold has the lowest parameters of physical strength among all other modern grounds, in terms of strength to the gap, it is almost no different from the ordinary cardboard used during the production of roofing material. The only advantage over the cardboard is the glass chloride is not afraid of moisture. But this advantage is leveled by high -cost roofing material.

The primary application of CHPP bikrost is as a lining waterproofing material. It is founded on





The table detailing the properties of the materials

Making informed decisions about roofing can be greatly impacted by knowing the Bicrost CCP specifications. This cutting-edge material is a unique option for both residential and commercial roofing projects because it combines weather resistance, durability, and aesthetic appeal.

Bicrost CCP is designed to endure a wide range of weather, including intense heat waves, torrential downpours, and even hailstorms. Its design guarantees durability without sacrificing style. This material comes in a variety of colors and textures to complement various architectural styles, so it not only protects your property but also improves its overall appearance.

One important benefit of Bicrost CCP for roofing applications is its lightweight design. This feature not only makes installation simpler, but it also gradually lessens the strain on the structure. When combined with its fire and corrosion resistance, Bicrost CCP shows to be a dependable and low-maintenance roofing material.

In conclusion, Bicrost CCP is unique among roofing materials due to its ability to combine practicality and visual appeal. This material performs admirably on several fronts, making it a great option for contemporary roofing projects, regardless of your priorities: ease of installation, design versatility, or durability.

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